Tasting menu

Amuse Bouche


Potato Quenelle , Extract of Turnip Greens, Confìt Cherry Tomatoes, Glazed Onions in Raspberry Vinegar, Capers and Black Olives

Broad Beans and Chicory

Main Courses

Homande Pasta with Pecorino Cheese, Pepper,
Sea Urchin and Nori seaweed

Amatriciana Stuffed Pasta, Pecorino Roman Cheese Spume and Laurel Powder

Seconds Courses

Braised Beef, Wild Onions and Negroamaro Wine Reduction




Honey glazed Pittule with Vanilla Ice Cream, Sour Cream and Almond Cupeta

Petit Four

€ 70.00 per person - drinks not included
unique menu for all table guests

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