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Potato Quenelle ,Chicory Extract, Confìt Cherry Tomatoes, Glazed Onions in Raspberry Vinegar, Capers and Black Olives

Amberjack Sashimi with Frisella Panzanella

Scallops with Salted Lemon
€ 15,00

Beef Tartare with Horseradish Mayonnaise and Soy Gel
€ 15,00

Main Courses

Homemade Pasta with Pecorino Cheese, Pepper,
Sea Urchin and Nori seaweed

Artisanal Spaghetti with Red Shrimps

Amatriciana Stuffed Pasta, Pecorino Roman Cheese Spume and Laurel Powder

Bronze Drawn Artisan Spaghetti with Lamb Ragù and Fermented Ricotta Fondue

Seconds Courses

Braised Beef, Wild Onions and Negroamaro Wine Reduction

Pork Shoulder, Peppers Sauce, Pineapple and Spring Onion

Monkfish Fillet with Pork Cheek, Fennel Cream and Star Anise, Cardoncelli Mushrooms

Fish fillet according to availability, with Mixed Sea Herbs


€ 6,00

Tarte Au Citron

Pears, Sheep's Milk Ricotta, Shortcrust Pastry, Puffed Chocolate and Vermouth

Sliced Fruit With Pineapple, Melon, Apple, Strawberry, Peach

Consult the menu with allergens